Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scrap Clean up

I spent several hours this cold and snowy week going through the scrap box my good friend Bobbi gave me. I cut all of the scraps into layer sized pieces and separated them by size and color.  Made some dividers from some cardboard and put it all in a photo box.
Then I had to continue my quest of doing something with all of this scrap paper and get it into more manageable order, I then cut up all of the scrap that didn't fit in the "layer" category and put it all in a little crate by solid color then pattern color.  No dividers in this one.  Ran out of steam, plus the extra photo boxes are in my icy cold garage.  Maybe another day......

Thank you Bobbi for getting me started with all of this scrap!!!!!

On to make some cards using it!

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