Monday, January 12, 2015

You're a Hoot

Playing around with my new stamps and dies on this cold and snowy winter day -
Lawn Fawn You're a Hoot
Paper from Bobbi - Masculine and Feminine versions

Still trying to figure out how to get good pictures.


  1. Great way to make feminine & masculine versions!

  2. Well crud, I never think to make a female and male version of the same card...thanks for turning the lightbulb on for me. I am not a photo expert but pictures turn out better if you take them outside or at least by a window where you get natural light. No need to crop the picture so close to the card, it is ok to see a little background...this makes your subject (the card) stand out. Keep up the good work with your card making and blogging!!!

    1. Thanks Penny. Retook some of my pics by the window, though there is not much sun in Michigan in the winter, but at least there was natural light. The pics look a lot better!