Friday, April 10, 2015

Card Box

My first try at Mod Podge....

After making a dozen cards with assorted sentiments for a male friend of mine's birthday, I needed something to put them in besides a gift bag.  Didn't have much luck making something out of cardstock, and I though I'd like it to be a more permanent storage box.  I found this hard cardboard recipe box at Hobby Lobby and thought it would work.  It's just a plain brown, paper bag colored box.  Needs decorating, right?   Dug through my huge stash of paper that my friend Bobbi gave me, and what do I come across?  A 12x12 sheet of paper that is full of stamps.  Now this is perfect, isn't it?  Got the cutter and scissors out and cut them all up.  Now, I only had this one sheet and this is my first try using Mod Podge, so you'd think I'd try it on something else first...but no, I'm a go for it first time kinda gal.  I was sweating it because there were only so many stamps.   It ended up that there were enough for the top, front, and sides, but not enough for the back. I did have to fill in with some "real" stamps, and I cut up some current mail I received, but I think that just adds to the charm of it.  On the back, I took my Fiskars "stamp" punch and just cut out some coordinating paper and pasted it on.

I think it came out pretty good!  I might put Steve's initials inside the cover.


  1. How cool is this?!? Love how you improvised, adding the stamps from your mail.

  2. What a great friend you are, Diana!! This is outstanding and just look at the gift of cards on the inside! He is a lucky guy and I'm in awe!! Hugs, Darnell